Diabetic Healthy Lifestyle (or as I call it, Diet)

Like the title says, this is all about a diabetic healthy lifestyle.  However, I will be calling it diet.  I am not going to whole-heartedly delve into the exercise portion of a lifestyle.  I am all about the good diabetic foods.

I am starting this site because I keep looking for things to make my diabetes more manageable.  I have done much research over the past 15 years and have probably forgotten more than I remember. ( I am getting old, you know.)  I will be posting helpful hints on diabetic healthy recipes, habits and good diabetic foods.  Diabetic meals, recipes, and tips are what this is all about.

I went to culinary school to learn how to cook.  Now, I have to change some of the ways I learned to cook.  I got out of the commercial field because I got a little tired of doing things someone else’s way.  I tried to start up my own restaurant, but could never find the right place in the right location.

I started getting interested in computers around 20 years ago.  I like to learn about new things.  One of those things continues to be my health.  I am not a small man.  I love food.  I am diabetic.  These are NOT all good things to have in one person.

I try not to take much too seriously, but I am serious about living for my kids.  I take things a little light-hearted sometimes, but I have to have a sense of humor.  (Just look at my pic on the “About TrAllan” page.  :D)    I love my kids and would do anything for them.  I hope you can benefit from that love.

Diabetic Foods Basics